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SWP Contact

Customs Offices and Contacts All telephone calls to Customs offices are routed automatically to the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277. This process has been introduced at SARS offices around the country in order to offer clients improved tracking and tracing of queries, as well as a single telephone number or point of contact, […]

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What’s New? 3 June 2024 – Dates for the 2024 Filing Season Individual taxpayers (non-provisional): 15 July 2024 to 21 October 2024 Auto-assessment notices: 1 – 14 July 2024 Provisional taxpayers: 15 July 2024 to 20 January 2025 Trusts: 16 September 2024 to 20 January 2025 More information will soon be shared on the Filing Season webpage. […]

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How to clear cache and cookies

If you experience issues accessing details on eFiling, you may need to clear your cache. For each browser, there are different steps. Scroll down to your applicable browser. Top Tip: For each browser setting, always make sure to switch off your ‘pop-up blocker’ in other words ‘pop-up blocker’ must NOT be ticked / unticked). The eFiling […]

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Current Surveys, SMSs and Emails

Current initiatives 20 February 2024 – Emails for outstanding returns Dear [ABC factory] [CIT TRN], this is a friendly reminder that your Company Income Tax Return (ITR14) for the 2023 year of assessment is due on 29 February 2024. 13 February 2024 – SMSs for outstanding returns Dear [ABC factory] [CIT TRN], this is a […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 36 (September 2022)

SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme As communicated in previous Tax Practitioner Connects (TPCs) effective 1 July 2022, a member of an RCB who wishes to register as a tax practitioner is required to successfully pass the assessment for the SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme. The learning material is available on the SARS website and SARS […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 18 (6 April 2020)

Welcome to the latest edition of Tax Practitioner Connect, the electronic newsletter for tax practitioners that keeps you up to date with the tax matters that affect you.   INTERACTING WITH SARS DURING THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN SARS gratefully acknowledges the support from the tax practitioner community during one of the most challenging times in the history […]

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Registration of SEZ

How to license or register for SEZ and Customs control area activities Complete the application forms and relevant annexures Send in all supporting documents asked for on the application forms Which forms are required for licensing or registration for SEZ and Customs control area activities? To register a SEZ Operator, including as an importer and rebate user: Apply on form DA […]

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eFiling Payments (Credit Push)

eFiling credit push is a secure payment instruction functionality between SARS eFiling and the bank which puts the client in control when making a payment.  Also see how does the eFiling payment reference work. Top Tip: Customs and Excise clients can only pay from the submitted declaration/return or eAccount on eFiling, read more. How do […]

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Client Information System

What is the Client Information System? SARS will be matching and merging your tax, customs and excise records into one consolidated profile based on your registered details across your current tax, customs and excise records, read more. SARS’s Client Information System was implemented in 2014 and allows taxpayers and registered representatives to register, maintain and view […]

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Traders and Travellers Connect Edition 1

Welcome to the launch edition of the SMME Traders Connect Newsletter. This will be a quarterly publication which focuses on trader-related tax matters to create awareness and share relevant information to make it easier for traders to remain compliant.  We are excited that you will be part of this journey. In pursuit of our Strategic […]

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