MAAs on Customs

The purpose of the agreements regarding mutual administrative assistance between two or more customs administrations is to –
  • enable the administrations to exchange information
  • provide each other with technical assistance
  • undertake surveillance and investigations together, with, and on behalf of, each other
  • co-operate with each other in order to enhance the efficiency of their operations

Multilateral MAA Customs Conventions/Agreements

Status OverviewLast updated on
Status summary of all Multilateral Mutual Assistance Customs Conventions/Agreements Customs29 March 2017
JurisdictionDate of Entry into Force
Multilateral Southern African Customs Union Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance8 March 2017
Shortcuts to SACU website for the Multilateral Convention on the Mutual Administrative Assistance on Customs mattersLinks
Status of Agreements concluded by the Southern African Customs Union States

Bilateral MAA Customs Agreements

Status OverviewLast updated on
2 August 2023

The Customs MAAs have been arranged in alphabetical order per jurisdiction for ease of reference.

JurisdictionDate of Entry into Force
Algeria5 March 2003
Argentina  1 December 2013
Brazil1 December 2012
Canada9 November 2010
China (People’s Republic of)1 February 2007
Czech Republic15 April 2006
Democratic Republic of Congo1 May 2008
France1 July 2000
India1 October 2008
Iran1 August 2012
Japan2 July 2012
Mozambique12 January 2006
Netherlands1 April 2003
Norway1 November 2006
Sudan1 December 2015
Turkey1 November 2009
Uganda1 September 2023
United Kingdom1 June 2000
United States of America (USA)1 August 2001
Uruguay                                           1 September 2018
Zambia27 December 2017 
Zambia (Protocol)27 October 2022
Zimbabwe1 October 2015

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