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MAAs on Customs

The purpose of the agreements regarding mutual administrative assistance between two or more customs administrations is to –
  • enable the administrations to exchange information
  • provide each other with technical assistance
  • undertake surveillance and investigations together, with, and on behalf of, each other
  • co-operate with each other in order to enhance the efficiency of their operations


Multilateral MAA Customs Conventions/Agreements

​Status Overview Last updated on​
Status summary of all Multilateral Mutual Assistance Customs Conventions/Agreements​ Customs ​29 March 2017


Jurisdiction Date of Entry into Force
Multilateral Southern African Customs Union Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance ​8 March 2017


Shortcuts to SACU website for the Multilateral Convention on the Mutual Administrative Assistance on Customs matters​ Links​​
Status of Agreements concluded by the Southern African Customs Union States​


Bilateral MAA Customs Agreements

Status Overview ​​​Last updated on
4 July 2018


The Customs MAAs have been arranged in alphabetical order per jurisdiction for ease of reference.

​Jurisdiction ​​​Date of Entry into Force
Algeria 5 March 2003
Argentina   ​1 December 2013
Brazil ​1 December 2012
Canada ​9 November 2010
China (People’s Republic of) ​1 February 2007
Czech Republic ​15 April 2006
Democratic Republic of Congo ​1 May 2008
France ​1 July 2000
India ​1 October 2008
​Iran ​1 August 2012
​Japan ​2 July 2012
Mozambique ​12 January 2006
Netherlands ​1 April 2003
Norway ​1 November 2006
​Sudan ​1 December 2015
​Turkey ​1 November 2009
United Kingdom ​1 June 2000
United States of America (USA) ​1 August 2001
Uruguay                                           New! ​1 September 2018
Zambia  ​27 December 2017
​Zimbabwe ​1 October 2015


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