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Tariff Amendments 2020

[…] ​Amendment to Part 3 of Schedule 2, by the substitution of safeguard item 260.03/7318.15.39/01.08, to include Thailand in the list of countries liable to payment of safeguard duties – Minute M11/2019 Notice R.1403 ​24 December 2020 ​24 December 2020 ​GG.44029 R.1410 ​Amendment to Part 1B of Schedule 6, by the insertion of various notes, to […]

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Guide to Complete, Submit and Cancel a Recognition of Transfer

Download PDF 1 Summary The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance on the use and submission of: The recognition of transfer form (ROT01) for transfers between Funds and preservation funds; and The recognition of the purchase of an annuity form (ROT02) when annuities are purchased on retirement, the beneficiary purchase an annuity upon […]

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IT3 Data Submission

Third Party Data Annual Submissions See the latest news and the submission table on the Third Party submission landing page. Please note the above dates and ensure that all your submissions are done within the specified period to ensure a smooth submission process: The Test Platform is, and will remain, open throughout the submission […]

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Tax Practitioner Registration Process

[…] to inform you that the functionality has moved to the “Maintain SARS Registered Details” menu on eFiling. Click “Continue” to proceed.   The Maintain SARS Registered Details page will be displayed.  Click “Continue” to proceed.    If you are not an individual, and wish to register as a tax practitioner, the following error will […]

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Data Submission and Maintenance of Controlling Bodies

[…] required to fill in the information of the new tax practitioner. Once you have filled in the required details, Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.   Top Tip: If the tax reference number entered is incorrect, an error will be displayed If the tax reference number exists on the SARS data […]

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Tariff Amendments 2014

[…] R.377 ​​23 May 2014 ​9 May 2014 ​GG 37606 R.336 Schedule No. 2 – Amendment of Part 1 by the deletion of  items 215.02/7315.82.03/01.08 and 215.02/7315.82.03/02.08 -sunset review of the anti-dumping duties on welded link chain ranging in size from 4mm to 10mm originating in or imported from China​ – ITAC Report 461 Notice R.336 ​9 May 2014 […]

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Tariff Amendments 2007

[…] with references to “SAD” Notice R.403 ​​1 October 2006 ​11 May 2007 ​GG 29889 R.445 ​Amendment of Schedule No. 2 – Provisional payments in relation to safeguard duties imposed on lysine up to and including 27 November 2007 Notice R.445 ​11 May 2007 ​8 June 2007 ​GG 29951 R.484 ​Amendment of Part 1 of […]

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Tariff Amendments 2013

[…] for goods classifiable in tariff headings 2501.00, 2903.39, 4011.10 and 4011.20 Notice R.896 14 February 2014 29 November 2013 ​GG 37061 R.895 ​Part 1 of Schedule No. 1 – Phase-down of duties in terms of the EFTA Trade Agreement Reduction in the rate of duty on paper and paperboard of tariff subheading 4811.41.90 – ITAC Report 151 Notice […]

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Tariff Amendments 2009

[…] Notice R.414 in GG 32113 of 9 April 2009 Notice R.523 ​9 April 2009 ​5 June 2009 ​GG 32297 R.643 ​Amendment of Schedule No. 2 – Anti-dumping duties on tall oil fatty acids, imported by Arizona Chemicals Notice R.643 ​12 December 2008 ​9 June 2009 ​GG 32309 R.670 ​Amendment of Part 3A of Schedule […]

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How to complete the Recognition Controlling Body Registration Form (RRC 01)

The Recognition Controlling Body Registration form (RRC01) is the form which must be submitted to SARS by an entity when applying to the Commissioner to be a Recognised Controlling Body.   Completing the Controlling Body’s details Registered Name – Complete the registered name of the Controlling Body. Trading Name – Complete the Controlling Body’s trading […]

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