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VAT Connect Issue 5 (September 2015)

[…] those goods have been released by Customs and provided the relevant documentary proof is held. Refer to the article “Input tax on imported goods” for more details. Duties and responsibilities of agents – Section 54 was amended with effect from 1 April 2015 to provide that an agent must issue a tax invoice within […]

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VAT Connect Issue 4 (August 2014)

[…] immediately after importation, VAT is only payable on the scrap value and not the original importation value. This change aligns the VAT Act with similar relief from duties provided in the Customs and Excise Act, 1964.  Exemption for homeowners’ associations – The supply of services by, for example, a sectional title body corporate to […]

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High Court: 2022-2020

[…] cleared in 139 import transactions. SAB later discovered that the goods were fraudulently cleared by Ocean Light as traditional African beer – a product attracting less import duties and as a result of which, import duties and VAT amounting to R139m was not paid over to SARS. SARS had, through third party appointments and […]

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Tariff Amendments 2008

[…] 2008 ​GG 31123 R.630 ​Anti-dumping items published in Notice R.1040 of 2 August 2002 withdrawn Notice R.630 ​1 January 2002 ​4 June 2008 ​GG 31123 R.631 ​Withdrawal of anti-dumping duties Notice R.631 ​27 November 2003 ​20 June 2008 ​GG 31176 R.680 ​Schedule No. 2 amended with effect from 7 February 1997 up to and including 18 […]

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Merging tax profiles Sepedi

KOPANYO YA METŠHELO YA GAGO KA MOKA KA FASE GA PROFAELE E TEE Tšhomišo e mpsha ya kopanyo e hwetšagala go eFiling. Tšhomišo ye e tla thuša balefela motšhelo ka noši, Baemedi bao ba Ngwadišitšwego ba ditheo le Bašoma ka Motšhelo go kopanya mehuta ka moka ya metšhelo ga bonolo mohlala, Motšhelo wa Letseno le […]

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Merging tax profiles IsiZulu

UKUDIDIYELA YONKE INTELA OYITHELAYO IBE KWIPHROFAYILI EYODWA Sekunekhethelo Elisha Lokudidiyela kwi-eFiling. Leli khethelo lizolekelela abakhokhintela, Abameleli Ababhalisiwe bezikhungo kanye NeZazi Zentela ukuba bakwazi ukudidiyela zonke izinhlobo zentela njengeNtelangeniso, kanye neNtela yabaSebenzi kanjalo neNtelamithekelo kanye neyezono ibe ndawonye ngaphansi kwephrofayili eyodwa yomuntu /yesikhungo. Kuzofanele ulande iSiphequluli se-eFiling sakwa-SARS ukuze usebenzise lo msebenzi. Chofoza lapha ukuthola ukuthi […]

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Merging tax profiles Afrikaans

VOEG AL JOU BELASTINGS SAAM ONDER ‘N ENKELE PROFIEL ‘n Saamvleg-funksie (merge function) is beskikbaar op eFiling.  Hierdie funksie help individuele belastingpligtiges, Geregistreerde Voorteenwoordigers van entiteite en Belastingpraktisyne om al die belastingsoorte, byvoorbeeld Inkomste – en Werkgewersbelasting asook Doeane en Aksyns, vir elke kliënt/entiteit in een enkele profiel saam te vleg.  Top Wenk: ‘n Verteenwoordiger […]

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Tax Practitioners’ Connect Issue 25 (September)

Third Party Data Bi-Annual Submissions 2021: Now Open!  The SARS Third Party Data Bi-Annual Submissions for the period 1 March 2021 – 31 August 2021 opened on 01 September 2021, and will close on 31 October 2021.  Submissions of data files and declarations of the various reportable data types are now due.   At this time, […]

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Bidvest Bank

[…] transaction check box 6. Click Accept selected payments   7. Please wait until the payment has been processed  8. Once processed, an no SARS payment is awaiting authorisation, the web page will display the following message: “There are no payments awaiting authorisation.”  9. In order to view the payments that were cancelled, failed or successful – click […]

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Completing an ITR14

[…] ITR14.   If you want to make any changes then you will have to updated the legal entity information on the RAV01 on your eFiling profile. See our page on Keeping my business details up to date for more information. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: Which return must be completed by Companies? The Company Income Tax […]

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