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External BRS on the OECD CbC Reporting V 2.7.6

External BRS on the OECD CbC Reporting V 2.7.6 Final.docx Page 1 of 68 External Business Requirements Specification: Country – by – Country and Financial Data Reporting Distribution to Taxpayers © South African Revenue Service 20 20 Core Business Area Automatic Exchange of Information and Exchange of Information on Request Operational Area Taxpayer Strategy […]

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SARS-AR-10 – Annual Report 2006-2007

[…] • Customs duty: Strong consumer spending and a more stable rand were linked to a growth in demand for imported products, which saw R23,7 billion in customs duties collected during the year – R497 million more than the original estimate. The combination of sustained economic growth, enhanced service and efficiency within SARS, and a […]

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SARS-AR-11 – Annual Report 2007-2008 Part 1

[…] Committee (Exco) and various other governance committees. The Exco is chaired by the Commissioner and is accountable for the performance and affairs of SARS. Among the Exco’s duties is proper governance of SARS, providing strategic advice to the Commissioner and maintaining open commun ications with SARS management. Governance Governance Parliamentary committee members at the […]

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LAPD-TAdm-G08 – Electronic Communications Guide

[…] eFiling. The table below shows the applicable transactions. Software Product Transaction Applicable Rules EDI Customs Declarations Customs and Excise Rules eFiling  Returns for –  excise duties;  Road Accident Fund levies;  air passenger tax;  diamond export levies; and  environmental levies  Payments in respect of the above duties, levies, […]

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LAPD-VAT-G02 – VAT 404 Guide for Vendors

[…] ormation to this ef f ect must appear on any tax invoice issued in respect of a supply f alling within the ambit of the Regulations. The duties and responsibilities of the af f ected suppliers and recipients are prescribed in the Regulations and f urther explained in the associated Explanatory Memorandum. More inf […]

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SARS-AR-12 – Annual Report 2007-2008 Part 2

[…] derived from the SARS Act legislation which SARS administers. Some of the legislation that SARS administers according the SARS Act includes: • Union and Southern Rhodesia Death Duties Act (1933) • Transfer Duty Act (1949) • Estate Duty Act (1955) • Income Tax Act (1962) • Customs and Excise Act (1964) • Stamp Duties […]

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SE-ADV-03-M01 – DA 75 – Internal Manual

[…] than two (2) years has expired since the payment of the Ad v alorem Excise d uty; III) The client may not set -off Ad valorem Excise duties paid on completed imported goods against locally manufactured goods; IV) The client may not set -off ordinary Customs duty on goods; used in the manufacture of […]

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GEN-GEN-51-G01 – SARS Online Query System – External Guide

Effective Date: 06 October 2023 GEN -GEN -51-G01 – SARS Online Query System – External Guide Revision: 9 Page 1 of 62 SARS ONLINE QUERY SYSTEM TAXPAYER SERVICE SARS External Guide Effective Date: 06 October 2023 GEN -GEN -51-G01 – SARS Online Query System – External Guide Revision: 9 Page 2 of 62 TABLE […]

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SARS-AR-25 – Annual Report 2019-2020

[…] Tax (VAT) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT), which make up more than 80% of the total tax revenue. Contracting imports also resulted in lower revenue from customs duties and import VAT. Despite increases over the past five years, tax revenue as a proportion of GDP has started to decline. The tax-to-GDP ratio is estimated […]

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