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IT3 Data Submission

What’s new?

26 April 2021 – Financial Declaration (IT3-02) form converted from Adobe to HTML

The Financial Declaration (IT3-02) form was converted from Adobe to HTML. For more information, see the Guide on how to activate, submit and declare the IT3 via eFiling.

19 January 2021 – ALERT! SARS IT3 BRS (SARS_External BRS_2020_IT3s_v3.0.0-32) [FOR IMPLEMENTATION – Reporting Due Date 31 October 2021]

Dear Third Party Data Provider,

Compliments of the season!
We trust you are well and safe.
Herewith the updated SARS IT3 BRS (v3.0.0-32) for implementation from the bi-annual submission period (1 March 2021 to 31 August 2021) with the reporting due 31 October 2021.
It is imperative to note, that this updated version of the IT3 BRS (v3.0.0-32) is applicable only later in this year.
For the upcoming annual submissions period with reporting due date 31 May 2021 the current version of the BRS is applicable (v2.0.3-27).

We would like to thank you for your participation and valued inputs in the BRS review process as well as participation in the industry review workshop.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to engage us via email: [email protected].   Kind regards,
SARS Third Party Data Support

Data submission and correction of submitted data

A maximum of 20 IT3(b), IT3(c), IT3(e), IT3(s) certificates can now be submitted on the IT3-01 form using eFiling.   Should you need to make a correction, data submissions can be revised on the channel initially used.   Top Tip: Please remember when revising your data submitted on the IT3-01 form; ensure that the record status field is selected as either “Correction” or “Deletion” across the sections of the form.

What are data submissions?

Institutions can submit IT3(b), IT3(c), IT3(e),IT3(s), Medical Scheme Contributions and Insurance Payments data types. These certificates are submitted for:   The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is currently used to submit this data according to the file layout requirements specified. The file layout will be submitted on the Direct Data Flow channel which is available on the Modernised 3rd Party Data Platform page.

What must be done next?

Institutions planning to submit IT3(b), (c), (e), (s), Medical scheme contributions and Insurance payments data must:

Need more help?

Should you need more help, please send an email to 3rd Party Data Support [email protected].
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