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SARS-Stats-2009-01 – Tax Statistic Full Document for the year 2009

[…] Value-added tax gives an overview of value-added tax (VAT). It gives a breakdown of VAT receipts and refunds by sect or and payment category. Chapter 5: Customs/import duties provides information on the customs value of imported goods by product type in terms of the Harmonised System 1, second digit level (chapter-level), as well as […]

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SC-DT-C-13 – Refunds and Drawbacks – External Policy

[…]   Requirements to qualify for Schedule 5 refunds, drawbacks and manual claims 7   2.3.2   Qualifying criteria for items 501.00 – 521.00 specific drawbacks of Customs duties 8   2.3.3   Refund item 522.02 10   2.3.4   Refund item 522.03 12   2.3.5   Refund item 536.00 (Motor vehicle parts and accessories) […]

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CA-01-M01 – eAccount on eFiling – External Manual

[…] the account. b) You will be able to identify possible overdue declarations and payments requiring allocation at a glance. c) In addition, the approved credit limit for duties/levies or VAT as well as the available credit limit for each will be displayed in order to help with decision -making around the utilisation of the […]

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SC-GP-15 – Trade Statistics – External Policy

Effective 13 December 2017 CUSTOMS EXTERNAL POLICY TRADE STATISTICS Effective 13 December 2017 Trade Statistics – External Policy SC-GP-15 Revision: 3 Page 2 of 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1   SUMMARY OF MAIN POINTS 3   2  POLICY 3   2.1   Fundamental principles 3   2.1.1   United Nations principles 3   2.1.2 […]

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Strategic Plan Mid-Term Progress Report 2020 – 2025

[…] general collection climate , as well as the Tax and Customs policy framework, which informs the parameters of collection e.g. tax rates for specific tax types, customs duties for specific products, rebates and relief measures. • Public con fidence and trust in Government and SARS, from both the collections and spending perspective, which influences […]

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SARS-AR-16 – Annual Report 2011-2012

[…] work that SARS continues to do. I would also like to thank the 15 000 SARS employees for the dedication with which they continue to perform their duties. Pravin Gordhan Minister of Finance 10 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 REVIEW BY THE COMMISSIONER The 2011/12 financial year certainly tells a story! It is a story of […]

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Comprehensive Guide to the Income Tax Return for Trusts

[…] Trust return. Ensure that you refresh the IRP5/IT3(a) data before completing the return. VDP relief is available in respect of all taxes administered by SARS (but excluding duties and levies charged in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964). This guide explains the legislative requirements applicable to the SARS Tax VDP, the application […]

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