Keeping my business details up to date

Before completing your ITR14, make sure that the contact, address, banking and public officer details of the company are correct by verifying and updating it (if required) on the Registration, Amendments and Verification Form (RAV01). You can verify and update the RAV01 details by:

  • Clicking on the “Maintain Registered particulars” on eFiling. SARS may request you to come into a branch to verify any changes to your banking details which may have been done via eFiling.
  • Visiting a SARS branch. Please consult the RAV01 guide to prepare the mandatory relevant material (supporting documents) required for updating of banking and public officer details at a SARS branch.

Applying for a Financial Year End (FYE) change of your Corporate Income Tax (ITR14) return

Scenario1: Company registered through CIPC

Step 1: Visit the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

  • Inform CIPC of the financial year end FYE change.

Step 2: Acquire notification from CIPC.

  • Ensure that you received the correspondence to change the financial year end of the organization from CIPC.

Step 3: Application outcome

  • Once approved, SARS will notify you of the change and the FYE on your ITR14 return will be updated.
  • Where the FYE on your ITR14 return remains unchanged, visit the SARS Branch Office or book a Virtual appointment for further enquiry. Ensure that you provide SARS with the information provided to you by CIPC.  

Scenario2:  Company (EI) registered through Social Development etc.

Step 1: Visit a SARS Branch Office or book a Virtual appointment.

  • Inform SARS of your request to change the financial year end (FYE).
  • SARS will advise on the process and documentation required.

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