Completing the declaration

Just follow these simple steps to complete your declaration:

Step 1

Under “Other Services” select “eSTT and eStamps”.

Step 2

On the left hand side, select “New” and select whether the declaration is for listed or unlisted securities.

Step 3

Complete the details as asked for on the screen, which will generate the eSTT return.

Step 4

The return can now be filled in.

Step 5

Additional information for the completion of the return:

  • Total value of transfers from the Member.
    • This is the total consideration for all listed securities purchased through or from a Member - enter the “Total” amount from the broker dealer accounting system (BDA) month end probability statistics (PSTATS) report.
  • Less: Total value of exempt transfers affected by the Member.
    • This is the total of all exemptions claimed by a Member– to enter an exemption you need to click on “Capture exemptions”, a screen with the 17 exemptions appears.
    • You then click on each applicable exemption you wish to claim and enter the amount of each exemption in the “Amount” block. Once you have completed all applicable exemptions, click on “OK” and you are returned to the screen containing the return.
  • This will now have the total of the exemptions claimed show on it as well as a sub total in the Total taxable transfers, which is the net amount of the total transfers less exemptions.
  • Total taxable transfers
    • This is the total of all other transfers of listed securities by a member on behalf of his clients, on which the member charged Securities Transfer Tax (STT), that are not transfers of listed securities from a client to a trust. If this is applicable, you will need to enter the total amount of the transfers in the block provided, (to calculate this amount, you total “all manual STT charges to clients“ from the “STT account” number and divide it by 0.25 and multiply it by 100). In essence apply 25%.
  • The “Total taxable amount” and “Tax on Total taxable amount” will be shown on the return.

Step 6

Agree the “Tax on Total taxable amount” with the total shown on the “STT Account number 0011890” in BDA.

Step 7

Click on “declaration” and complete. After completion, click on “Save” and then “Submit”.

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