The journey ahead

The journey ahead

This indicates that SARS is making significant strides towards achieving trade facilitation excellence. The collective findings provide a holistic view of trade facilitation performance, shedding light on both strengths and areas that need concentrated efforts. These insights will steer initiatives to boost trade facilitation, enhance stakeholder satisfaction, and ensure ongoing success in promoting efficient and transparent trade procedures. SARS has made considerable progress in its modernisation program, with several achievements to note.

In pursuit of this, SARS has committed resources to awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and training programs for Customs officers and traders. These efforts aim to familiarise them with the trade facilitation products and services available, with the goal of improving future TFI performance scores. The successful implementation and execution of the trade facilitation agreement are expected to lead to improved service, increased voluntary compliance, and enhanced revenue collection.

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The Trade Facilitation Index Portal not only provides access to vital research but also acts as a dynamic tool for collecting information regarding the CMP. Together, we can work towards a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly international trade environment.

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