HWI Relationship Management

Relationship Management has a dedicated team who are the custodians for all High Wealth Individuals (HWIs).

Dedicated Relationship Managers are the first point of contact for HWIs and facilitate all interactions between HWIs and relevant functions across SARS.  

The single point of contact for HWI taxpayers enables efficient service to:

  • Improve voluntary tax compliance.
  • Understand the taxpayer’s business and the risk factors affecting compliance.
  • Make specialists available to communicate progress on issues or disputes.
  • Train taxpayers to use SARS’s external systems (eFiling/e@syFile) and other processes to offer clarity and certainty.
  • Plan interventions with taxpayers.
  • Optimise query resolution.

Relationship Management comprises:

  • Senior Managers, who are responsible for the operations of the Unit and who keep abreast of HWIs’ tax matters.
  • Relationship Managers who champion their clients’ needs and are the primary point of contact for all taxpayer interactions with SARS.
  • Operations Managers, who resolve queries by working with teams of Consultants and Service Agents.

Query-management Process

  • Direct all queries to the dedicated mailbox ([email protected]) and, where applicable, attach all supporting documentation.
  • SARS will acknowledge all queries automatically.
  • A consultant will assist to resolve the query.
  • The consultant will provide regular feedback (at least weekly) to the taxpayer until the query has been resolved.

Escalation Process for HWIs

The HWI Unit will begin to resolve queries once it receives all supporting documentation. The client and Unit will agree to the turnaround time, which will adhere to timeframes stipulated in the SARS Service Charter. The Unit will give regular feedback to the taxpayer in the case of delays. If SARS fails to meet the standards of the Service Charter or the agreed turnaround times, or if you are dissatisfied with our service, escalate the matter to your dedicated Relationship Manager:

 If you are still unsatisfied, escalate your query to:

When escalating an unresolved query, please ensure that the turnaround time has in fact expired. Provide the name of the SARS official you dealt with and all or at least the latest communication.

If your query remains unresolved, please lodge an official complaint through SARS eFiling (Complaints Management Office) or, if all channels have been exhausted, lodge a complaint with the Office of the Tax Ombudsman.

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