Enhancements for Tax Practitioners and representatives

What’s New?

  • 7 May 2020 – Enhancement to Tax Type Transfer Process

    The Tax Type Transfer process for Personal Income Tax and Provisional Tax has been enhanced to enable ease of transfer of tax types between taxpayers, tax practitioners and registered representatives on eFiling.
    With this enhancement the approval lies directly with the Taxpayer (owner of the PIT) or the Registered Representative of the PIT, to transfer the tax type to the requestor.

The taxpayer/registered representative for that tax type will receive a sms/ email and must approve the transfer request by:

  • Visit www.sars.gov.za
  • Select ‘Manage Tax Type Transfer’ in the SARS eFiling space
  • Complete the online form by capturing ID/ Passport number and tax reference number
  • An OTP will be sent to the taxpayer to capture
  • An online POA will be presented to the taxpayer to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the transfer request.

A notification will be sent to the requestor once the taxpayer has ‘Accepted’ or ‘Declined’ the transfer request.

A tax type transfer will be disallowed if the requestor is not a registered tax practitioner or the registered representative for the requesting taxpayer.

Also see the FAQ on How do I initiate a tax type transfer on eFiling

Client Information System for registered tax practitioners

With Client Information System (Single registration), tax practitioners (registered and confirmed with a Recognised Controlling Body (RCB) and SARS) are able to:  

Top Tip: If you aren’t registered and confirmed with a RCB and SARS, you will be limited in the services you can perform on eFiling. 

Enhancements for registered representatives

With Client Information System (Single registration), there is a simple way that the activation of registered representatives (e.g. Public Officers) can be done:

  • By the Public Officer or registered representative themselves on eFiling.

Registered representatives (e.g. Public Officers) are now able to:

  • Activate themselves as registered representatives on eFiling, if their details have previously correctly been recorded on the SARS system.
    • Logon to eFiling
    • Click
      • “Organisations” and then “SARS Registered Details”.
      • “Activate Registered User”.

What can a registered representative do on eFiling?

As a designated representative of an entity, or a registered tax practitioner, you can activate a registered user role which allows you to view and maintain all registered details for that client. The user access rights are summarised below:    

Access Level                                                                 Non-registered eFiling user with Customs & Excise, PAYE and VAT access Non-registered user
Income Tax access
Registered User
(Registered Tax 
Maintain product level registered details P P P
Maintain entity details X P P
Submit new tax type registration application X X P
Maintain representative details X X P

Top Tip: A client can visit a SARS branch and ask an agent to merge the various tax types to the company / entity’s profile, giving a single view of the company / entity profile. Please note – LBC clients will have to do this through the LBC.

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