Exchange Rates as at 1 October 2001

Exchange Rates as at 1 October 2001 – Valuation date for Capital Gains Tax purposes:

​Australian Dollar 4.4524​
Canadian Dollar​ 5.7274​
Euro​ 8.2228​
Hong Kong Dollar​ 1.1590​
Indian Rupee​ 0.1886​
Japanese Yen​ 0.0755​
Swiss Franc​ 5.5617​
UK Pound​ 13.3017​
US Dollar​ 9.0395​

Average exchange rates for a year of assessment – The Average Exchange Rate is published in terms of the Income Tax Act, 1962 which provides specifically for amounts expressed in a foreign currency that must be translated into Rand by the application of the applicable average exchange rate. 

Rates of Exchange – The Customs Rate of Exchange is used to convert the foreign amount import or export invoices into South African Rand.  This is updated once a day with information obtained from the South African Reserve Bank by the Valuation Policy division.

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