Supporting Documents for Filing

Documentation required to complete your return

Supporting documents are required to complete an income tax return. Below is a list of documentation/information that may be required:

  • IRP5/IT3(a) Employees Tax Certificate (if applicable)
  • Certificates received for local interest income, foreign interest income and foreign dividend income
    • If you are married in community of property, the certificates received by both you (the taxpayer) and your spouse are required
    • If you married out of community of property, only the certificates that you receive are required.
  •  Documents relating to medical expenditure such as:
    • The income tax certificate from your medical scheme received for the period 1 March and ending 28 February (if you belong to a medical scheme)
    • Proof of qualifying medical expenses paid by you and not recovered from a  medical scheme
    • Completed ITR-DD Confirmation of Diagnosis of Disability form (if you want to claim disability related expenses).
  • The income tax certificate(s) received from the financial institution to which contributions for retirement annuities were made.
  • If you received a travel allowance or a fringe benefit for an employer provided vehicle, you must have a logbook to claim the business travel deductions.
  • All information relating to capital gain transactions (local and foreign)
  • Documents and receipts for commission related expenditure including a logbook to claim business travel deductions
  • All information relating to the letting of assets
  • Financial statements for trading and farming activities (if applicable)
  • Any other documents relating to income that must be declared or deductions that may be claimed.

Top tip: Even though you will be using the supporting documents to complete your return, you mustn’t send them to SARS. You must keep them safely for a period of five years should SARS require them in future.

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