I forgot my eFiling password

We realise that you only file your tax once a year so it’s easy to forget your password. So if you’ve forgotten your eFiling password, here’s some more help.  It’s simple, you can either do it online or over the phone, take your pick.  

Online through the eFiling website

Go to the SARS website and click on Forgot Password or Forgot Username and follow the prompts to have your password reset or your username sent to your security contact details.

To reset both your Username and Password on eFiling you need to recover your Username first before you can reset your Password:

  • Select ‘Forgot Username?’
  • Complete the relevant information and follow the prompts.
  • You will then be prompted to create your Password after retrieving your Username.

On the SARS MobiApp 

On the SARS Mobile application, tap on Forgot Password. This will display the Forgot Password page. Complete your username and tap on Next.

This will direct you to the OTP Contact details page. Select your preferred channel, and tap on Send OTP. An OTP will be sent through to your selected channel. Your device will request you to complete the OTP sent though to your preferred channel. Complete the OTP as required and tap on Submit.

Once completed, you will be presented with a screen to complete your new password. Complete your new password on the fields stipulated before tapping on Submit.

Two Factor Authentication and Passwordless Authentication

Two Factor and Passwordless authentication is an additional security features which allow an eFiling user to access their eFiling profile using push notification technology to a smart device:

  • Two Factor Authentication: Allows the user to access their eFiling profile by making use of their username, password and a push notification sent to the SARS Mobile Application, on their smart device.
  • Passwordless Authentication: Allows the user access to their eFiling profile by making use of their username and a push notification sent to the SARS Mobile Application, on their smart device.

Please note, to make use of this security feature ensure that:

  • The SARS Mobile Application is installed on your smart device and
  • Your smart device is enrolled as the primary device on your eFiling profile.

Need help?

If you need help on how to retrieve your username and password on SARS eFiling, watch our helpful tutorial video on the SARS YouTube channel by clicking on the image below.

SARS MobiApp - How to Submit your ITR12 on YouTube

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