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IT3 Data Submission

Third Party Data Annual Submissions See the latest news and the submission table on the Third Party submission landing page. Please note the above dates and ensure that all your submissions are done within the specified period to ensure a smooth submission process: The Test Platform is, and will remain, open throughout the submission […]

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Tariff Amendments 2014

[…] R.377 ​​23 May 2014 ​9 May 2014 ​GG 37606 R.336 Schedule No. 2 – Amendment of Part 1 by the deletion of  items 215.02/7315.82.03/01.08 and 215.02/7315.82.03/02.08 -sunset review of the anti-dumping duties on welded link chain ranging in size from 4mm to 10mm originating in or imported from China​ – ITAC Report 461 Notice R.336 ​9 May 2014 […]

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Tariff Amendments 2007

[…] with references to “SAD” Notice R.403 ​​1 October 2006 ​11 May 2007 ​GG 29889 R.445 ​Amendment of Schedule No. 2 – Provisional payments in relation to safeguard duties imposed on lysine up to and including 27 November 2007 Notice R.445 ​11 May 2007 ​8 June 2007 ​GG 29951 R.484 ​Amendment of Part 1 of […]

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Tariff Amendments 2023

[…] GG 49328 R.3907 Amendment to Schedule No. 5, by the substitution of Notes 8, 11, 12 and 13 to provide for specific drawbacks and refunds of customs duties paid on imported fuel levy goods upon the subsequent export or removal thereof to Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho and Namibia (BELN) Notice R.3907 22 September 2023 22 […]

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Tariff Amendments 2024

[…] of reference. Publication Details Date GG and Notice Numbers Description Implementation Date 10 May 2024 New! GG 50646 R.4818 Imposition of provisional payments in relation to anti-dumping duties against the alleged dumping of active yeasts classifiable in tariff subheading 2102.10, originating in or imported from the Republic of Zimbabwe (ITAC Report  729) Notice R.4818 […]

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Archive – COVID related content

[…] tax compliant small to medium sized businesses. The proposed measures will come into operation on 1 August 2021 and end on 31 October 2021. Deferral of excise duties on alcoholic beverages with immediate effect. For more information, see the Draft Explanatory Notes on Emergency Tax Measures in response to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and recent […]

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Exceptional Circumstances under which Banking detail changes will be done

[…] holder(s) and/or Registered Representative. When you request a banking detail change via email (under these exceptional circumstances): The requestor submitting the supporting documents via email, must provide an image of himself/herself holding their proof of identity, as well as a written note titled “Update my details” and the date on which the documents are uploaded […]

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Merging tax profiles

[…] confirmation of appointed details, on the Registration Amendments and Verification Form RAV01. Need help? Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277).  To access this page in different languages click on the links below: Afrikaans IsiZulu Sepedi Sesotho Screenshot of Activate Registered Representative on Organisation Menu Screenshot of Representative Declaration dialog with […]

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Tariff Amendments 2021

[…] Amendment to Part 1 of Schedule No. 2, by the deletion as well as substitution of various items under item 201.02, in order to maintain the anti-dumping duties on frozen bone-in portions of the species Gallus domesticus originating in or imported from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – ITAC Report No. 666 […]

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