Completing the DTR02

Once the DTR01 has been successfully sent to SARS, the DTR02 must be requested. The DTR02 is a pre-populated return containing all the information already submitted via the DTR01. The DTR02 must be carefully reviewed to make sure the correct information was populated.
Click ‘Dividends Tax’ from the side menu options under ‘RETURNS’
To request the return, click ‘Submit New Return’.
Select the tax period from the dropdown list on the far right, next to the ‘Request Return’ button.

Step 1

Make sure that all the information on the DTR02 has been correctly pre-populated from the previously submitted DTR01 information.

Step 2

Check in particular the inputs section where the dividends have been declared and the dividends received.

Step 3

The output section is where it shows any cash dividends that have been distributed

Step 4

Check the tax payable section where you can see what is owed to SARS

Step 5

Look closely at any adjustments, this is where any refunds or corrections from previous tax periods and returns will be noted.

Step 6

Complete the declaration that all the info is correct.

Step 7

How much you have to pay is within the “Payment Advice” section. You will see a payment reference number and the account where the funds have to be paid.

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