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Update on Disputes issue on eFiling

17 May 2022 – As previously indicated, SARS is aware of issues with submitting disputes on eFiling which has resulted in some disputes being rejected. A fix was implemented on 13 May 2022 to address this matter. The team is working on resolving any remaining issues. Where a taxpayer or Practitioner had submitted a dispute between 22 April 2022 and 14 May 2022 ,  please check your dispute history on eFiling to verify if your dispute is reflecting as received or rejected. If the dispute is rejected, may you kindly submit this dispute to SARS as soon as possible. SARS apologises for the inconvenience.

Legal Counsel – Dispute Resolution & Judgments – Tax Court: 2022-2020

17 May 2022 – Tax Administration Act, 2011

Whether it is correct, lawful or appropriate for MB to deduct capital expenditure incurred at its AA mine from the revenue earned at its BB and CC mines

Legal Counsel – International Treaties & Agreements – Double Taxation Agreements & Protocols

17 May 2022 – Income Tax Act, 1962: Status overview of all DTAs and Protocols – Multilateral Convention to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent base erosion and profit shifting (MLI) Synthesised Texts

Cameroon and Thailand have been added to the list of treaty partners that ratified the MLI

Legal Counsel – Dispute Resolution & Judgments – Tax Court: 2022-2020

13 May 2022 – Tax Administration Act, 2011

Whether the respondent has shown good cause for its default to timeously file the statement and whether the court should condone the late filing of the respondent’s statement in terms of Tax Court Rule 31 and direct that the appeal (against the imposition of understatement penalties) proceeds on the merits. If the failure is not condoned, whether default judgment in terms of Rule 56(1)(a), read with section 129 of the Act 28 of 2011 should be granted in favour of the applicant.

Legal Counsel – Secondary Legislation – Tariff Amendments 2022

13 May 2022 – Publication details for tariff amendment notice R.2081, as published in Government Gazette 46358 on 13 May 2022, are now available.

Protests in Musina likely to affect movement at Beit Bridge border post

12 May 2022 – SARS wishes to make you aware of protests currently taking place in and around Musina. Frustrations around service delivery failures are said to be at the root of the protests and have led to burning of objects and blocking of roads, which might hinder travellers moving in and out of Musina through the Beit Bridge border post.

At this point, the situation seems to be worsening, with police having fired rubber bullets near the Musina Mall to disperse crowds. In addition, the protests continue to take place sporadically at night.

During this time, you are kindly advised to keep your vehicles in the truck parks around the border vicinity, and delay going to Musina until the protests have subsided. Travellers wanting to use the Beitbridge border post are advised that they may use the Groblers Bridge border post along the N11. Note that this is the only alternate border post in the Limpopo Province.

We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused during this time and appeal to all traders and travellers to avoid points of protest and keep safe.

SARS is hiring

12 May 2022 – We are hiring! SARS is seeking to appoint a results driven, self-directed leader with a strong higher purpose and service orientation to assume the role of SARS Company Secretary. For more detail, see the job advertisement here.

Legal Counsel – Legal Counsel Archive – Binding General Rulings

12 May 2022 – Binding General Rulings (BGRs)

  • BGR 30 – Allocation of Direct and Indirect Expenses within and between an Insurer’s Funds
  • BGR 8 (Issue 2) – Application of the Principles Enunciated by the Brummeria Case

Legal Counsel – Legal Advisory – Interpretation Notes – IN 101 – 120

12 May 2022 – Interpretation Notes (INs)

  • IN 119 – Deductions in Respect of Improvements to Land or Buildings not Owned by a Taxpayer
  • IN 102 (Issue 2) – Classification of Risk Policy

Legal Counsel – Legal Advisory – Interpretation Notes – IN 41 – 60

12 May 2022 – Interpretation Notes (INs)

  • IN 59 (Issue 2) – Tax Treatment of the Receipt or Accrual of Government Grants
  • IN 58 (Issue 3) – The Brummeria Case and the Right to Use Loan Capital Interest Free

Legal Counsel – Legal Counsel Archive – Interpretation Notes

12 May 2022 – Interpretation Notes (INs)

  • IN 102 – Classification of Risk Policy and the Once-off Election to Transfer Certain Policies or Classes of Policies Issued Before 2016 to the Risk Policy Fund
  • IN 59 – Tax Implications of the Receipt or Accrual of Government Grants and Government Scrapping Payments
  • IN 58 (Issue 2) – ​The Brummeria Case and the Right to Use Loan Capital Interest Free

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