Talent Pool of Auditors

SARS’s vision is to be a smart, modern organisation with unquestionable integrity. We take advantage of technology, digitalisation, and automation to make it easier for taxpayers and traders to comply with their tax obligations. We are building a culture that is rooted in SARS’s higher purpose to deliver excellent service and to be fair and transparent. By joining SARS, you will not only become part of a professional and dynamic group of people, but you will also be a pioneer in delivering world-class service to South Africans.

Our Community of Auditors

If you join SARS’s community of Tax Auditors, you will have access to the expertise and best practices you need to help administer South Africa’s tax and customs affairs. Want to get onboard? Join our Talent Pool of Auditors and stay informed of career opportunities.

Why Join the Talent Pool?

By joining SARS’s Talent Pool, we can identify you as a job candidate and review your skills and interest to work with us. Adding your details to our Talent Pool brings you a step closer to joining our forward-thinking institution with ample opportunities for growth.

SARS Audit Functional Areas

  • Syndicated Tax and Customs Capacity: investigates organised criminal and illicit attempts to evade tax and customs and excise duties. Auditors detect taxpayers and traders who are non-compliant and make non-compliance difficult and costly. The Syndicated Tax and Customs Capacity enables SARS to deal with illicit economic activity domestically and internationally.
  • Large Business & International: manages relationships with industry and allocates specialised tax teams to clients’ businesses. This unit comprises professionals skilled in multiple tax types to serve taxpayers with complex portfolios, including those operating in multiple tax jurisdictions.
  • High Wealth Individuals: improves voluntary tax compliance by focusing on individuals with highly complex tax-planning structures. This unit delves into financial structures such as special-purpose vehicles used to shift wealth. Auditors working in this unit have a strong command of the legislation dealing with tax-planning schemes.
  • Specialised Audit: focuses on small and medium enterprises in the licit economy. This unit works with diverse cases cutting across tax types and industries.

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Disclaimer: SARS’s Auditor Talent Community is the best place to be! If your profile matches what we’re looking for, SARS will contact you when audit vacancies are available. We look forward to meeting you.

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