Duties and Taxes for Travellers

What is the duty-free allowance?

The duty-free allowance entitlement can be divided into:

1.Duty-Free Allowance

  • If you are a traveller you are entitled to import goods up to a value of R5 000 per person (crew members including the master / pilot are only entitled to R700) without paying any duty or tax thereon; and
  • If you are a traveller from the Southern African Customs Union  (SACU) member countries you do not pay Customs duties and are entitled to a VAT exemption on goods up to a value of R5 000.

2. Consumable Goods 

  • If you are a traveller, you are entitled to import free of duty or tax consumable goods (crew members including the master / pilot are not entitled to any) not exceeding the specified limits, being:
    • 200 cigarettes;
    • 20 cigars;
    • Combined 250 gram pipe and / or cigarette tobacco;
    • 2 litres of wine;
    • 1 litre of other alcoholic beverages (including beer);
    • 250 ml eau de toilette and 50 ml perfume.
    • Consumable goods in excess may not be claimed under the duty-free allowance. Full duty and VAT must be paid on such excesses.
  • Handmade articles
    • If you are a traveller from SACU or the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states you are allowed to import handmade articles of leather, wood, plastic, stone, glass, etc; if the goods do not exceed 25kg in total, without the payment of duties or taxes.
    • These goods (provided they do not exceed the limits stated) may be declared despite the fact that they may be intended for commercial purposes.

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