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Report a tax crime

We want to make reporting a tax or customs crime easy for you. If you want to know what we may consider being a suspicious activity click here. So we’ve even created an online form for you to complete. What do you need to get together before you start?

  • It’s useful if you have an ID number; Tax Reference number of the person you are reporting. But it’s not essential. Even a car registration number will help
  • We’ll ask you if the crime is about business tax, personal tax or customs
  • You decide if you want to remain anonymous
  • But the form is simple and easy to complete:
If you want to report a suspicious activity, click here. Or you can call us anonymously on 0800 00 2870.

You need to know that we won’t get back in touch with you with our progress as we can never discuss a person’s tax affairs with anyone else. But rest assured your contribution is vital and we will be looking into it. SARS is prohibited from providing feedback, even about whether or not an entity is under investigation. You will have to be patient and allow the transparent process that SARS has introduced to manage the complaints received to take its course.

Your information is valuable to us. Reporting a tax crime is the right thing to do.

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