Adding Clients to a Tax Practitioner’s eFiling Profile

Tax practitioners will be able to add new clients in the same manner as what they are currently doing on eFiling.
Ensure that clients that the practitioner will be representing are added onto the practitioner’s profile to allow details of the client to pull through to SARS.

Select the “Organisation” tab and click on “Register New”.

Screenshot of the Organisations tab

The “Register New Organisation” page will be displayed for you to add new taxpayers to the eFiling profile. Based on the selection of the type of taxpayer, the fields will differ to complete.

Screenshot of the Mandatory Details part of the Register New Organisation form
Screenshot of the Contact Person and Company Description part of the Register New Organisation form

On completion of all relevant fields, click on “Continue” to proceed.
If there are groups created on eFiling, you will be required to select the relevant group the taxpayer should belong to. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Screenshot of Add Taxpayer to Groups block

The taxpayer that was added will be indicated in the taxpayer list field.  

I’m unable to add a client to my eFiling profile, why?

In order for the client to be added to your profile, the registered details of your client must be correct and up-to-date on the SARS system.   

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