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22 January 2024 – To fully implement chapter 18 of the Tax Administration Act and ensure the professionalism of the tax advisory industry, the criteria for the recognition of controlling bodies and the registration of tax practitioners has been updated.

The amended criteria pertain to the following:

  • Requirements of individuals when registering as a Tax Practitioner.
  • Requirements of Tax Practitioner Membership relating to their RCBs.
  • Requirements of Controlling Bodies to be approved as RCBs.

For more information, see the updated guide:

Who should register as a tax practitioner?

A natural person who:

  • Provides advice to any other person about  the application of a tax Act; or
  • Completes or assists with the completion of a return for another person
  • For more information look at the Registration Process for Tax Practitioners.

What are the requirements in order to register as a tax practitioner?

To register as a tax practitioner, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must belong to or fall under the jurisdiction of a Recognised Controlling Body as referred to in s 240A of the Tax Administration Act.
  • Have the minimum qualifications and experience set by your Recognised Controlling Body.
  • Have no criminal convictions for the offences described in s 240(3) of the Tax Administration Act.
  • Participate in continuous professional development programmes set by your Recognised Controlling Body.

Registration is a dual process between the RCB and the Tax Practitioner.

More information

For more information on the recognised Controlling Bodies, click here.

Tax Practitioners have a dedicated Call Centre for specific taxpayer related queries. Dial 0800 00 7277 to use this service.

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