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Feedback on Bulk Income Tax Registration Now Available 

Feedback on the Bulk Income Tax Registration (ITREG) is now available for employers, who will be able to obtain Income Tax reference numbers for those employees that SARS could successfully register using the recent Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501).  

Bulk ITREG is performed automatically, twice a year, after the annual and interim employer reconciliation periods. Where an employer submits the interim or annual EMP501 a bulk registration process for employees, who are not registered for Income Tax, is performed.  

Top Tip: Bulk ITREG requires that the same e@syFile™ Employer software database is maintained that was used for the reconciliation submission. Where a different database is used, employers will not be able to access the Income Tax reference numbers of registered employees. In this case, the system will generate a message advising that the certificates for the previous reconciliation submission cannot be found. 

Accessing Income Tax registration numbers on e@syFile™ Employer

To access the Income Tax reference numbers, complete the following steps:  

  • Step 1: Ensure you are using the e@syFile™ Employer software with your database containing your most recent reconciliation submission when performing synchronisation
  • Step 2: Launch e@syFile™ Employer , enter your e@syFile™ Employer login details
  • Step 3: Select the company; you will receive a confirmation message that the selected company has been made the active employer
  • Step 4: Select synchronise “All”, if you have synchronised “All” previously you can also choose to synchronise only the registration results by selecting “Taxpayer Income Tax Registrations”
  • Step 5: Enter your eFiling login details. Once synchronisation has completed, a pop-up message will be receive in the bottom right hand corner to confirm the results have been received
  • Step 6: Select the e@syFile™ Employer Notification Centre and open the ITREG notification letter displayed in your company inbox
  • Step 7: The results will automatically update the Employee records in the attached company database. To view your ITREG results, select “View/Edit Employees”. 

Feedback on results of registrations

On completion of the ITREG via e@syFile™ Employer , SARS will send feedback notifications to the e@syFile™ Employer Notification Centre, providing a summary of the results of the registration applications. The results may also be viewed on the “View/Edit Employees” function on e@syFile™ Employer where SARS will provide feedback regarding employees that could not be registered and the reason for non-registration of these employees.  

The ITREG results can be exported to a CSV file that can be used to update selected payroll applications automatically. This function can be accessed by selecting “Import/Export Payroll File” and selecting the “Export” option. For more information look at our guide e@syFile™ Employer user guide.  

Top Tip It remains the responsibility of the employer to ensure the information provided to SARS is accurate at the time of submission.  

For more information on the process to register employees for Income Tax call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 (SARS) 7277 or visit your nearest SARS branch.

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