Graduate in Training Programme

SARS has embarked on a path to rebuild its organisational capability and restore institutional integrity. In framing the journey over the next 5-10 years, the following are important issues of clarity:

  • Higher Purpose: Enabling government to build a capable State, to foster sustainable economic and social development, that serves the wellbeing of all South Africans
  • Vision 2024: A smart modern SARS, with unquestionable integrity, that can be trusted and admired
  • Strategic Intent: To develop a tax and customs system based on Voluntary Compliance

To give effect to our Strategic Intent, we have 9 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Provide clarity and certainty to taxpayers and traders of their obligations
  2. Make it easy for taxpayers and traders to comply with their obligations
  3. Detect taxpayers and traders who do not comply, and make non-compliance hard and costly
  4. Develop a high performing, diverse, agile, engaged and evolved workforce
  5. Expand and increase the use of data, with comprehensive knowledge management, to ensure integrity, derive insight and improve outcomes
  6. Modernise our systems to provide digital and streamlined online services
  7. Demonstrate effective resource stewardship to deliver quality outcomes and performance excellence
  8. Work with and through stakeholders to improve the tax ecosystem
  9. Build public trust and confidence in the tax administration system

Integral to the journey of rebuilding SARS and ensuring institutional integrity, is the identification and development of young and emerging talent to cater for the future capabilities and skills of SARS to support strategic objectives

The remodeled SARS Graduate in Training Programme is strategically designed as a long-term feeder system for injecting young and emerging talent into SARS. These Programmes targeted graduates who have completed their tertiary education.

SARS is currently hosting the following Graduate in Training Programmes:

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