Rule Amendments 2009

The amendments to the Customs and Excise Rules are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette. The Notices are arranged according to the publication date and grouped in the different years of issue, which can be accessed on the navigation pane above.

An implementation date that falls on another date than the publication date of the Notice, is written in bold for ease of reference.

​Publication Details ​
DateGG and Notice NumbersDescriptionImplementation Date ​
​31 December 2009
GG 32838
​Amendment of rules relating to sugar quotas (s.49B and s.120)
31 December 2009
​18 December 2009

​GG 32830


​Amendment of rules relating to client information (s.59A, s.60 and s.120)

1 January 2010
​11 December 2009

​GG 32801


​Amendment of rules relating to customs modernisation (s.119A and s.120)

​11 December 2009
​13 November 2009

​GG 32695


​Amendment of rules relating to legal proceedings (s.96 and s.120)

​13 November 2009
​23 October 2009

​GG 32646


​Amendment of rules relating to environmental levy on plastic bags and filament lamps (Chapter VA and s.120)

​23 October 2009
​9 October 2009

​GG 32616


​Amendment of rules relating to EFT payments in respect of extra / special attendance (s.120)

​9 October 2009
​2 October 2009

​GG 32601


​Amendment of rules relating to the implementation of the Generalized System of Preferences for Russia

​2 October 2009
​29 September 2009

​GG 32609


​Amendment of rules relating to risk-based acquittals (s.18, s.18A and s.120)

Date of promulgation of Taxation Laws Second Amendment Act, 2009
​23 September 2009

​GG 32593


​Amendment of the Schedule to the Rules relating to the environmental levy account form DA 161A for plastic bags (Chapter VA)

​23 September 2009
​11 September 2009

​GG 32555


​Amendment of rules relating to State Warehouse rent (s.17 and s.120)

​11 September 2009
​28 August 2009

​GG 32516


​Amendment of rules relating to environmental levy on electricity (Chapter VA and s.120)

​1 July 2009
​31 July 2009

​GG 32475


​Amendment of rules relating to the mandatory electronic communication of reports and declarations (s.101A  and s.120)

1 August 2009
​29 June 2009

​GG 32348


​Amendment of rules relating to the Port of Ngqura and changing of Johannesburg International Airport’s name to OR Tambo International Airport (s.6 and s.120)

​29 June 2009
​29 June 2009

​GG 32348


​Amendment of rules relating to paperless release (s.38 and s.120)

​4 July 2009
​9 June 2009

​GG 32310


​Amendment of rules relating to environmental levy on electricity (Chapter VA and s.120)

1 July 2009
​5 June 2009

​GG 32304


​Amendment of rules relating to duty free shops (s.21 and s.120)

10 June 2009
​29 May 2009

​GG 32287


​Amendment of rules relating to the form EUR 1 and submission of proof of origin

1 June 2009
​8 May 2009

​GG 32190


​Correction Notice on the amendment of rules relating to purpose code tables published in Notice R.427 in GG 32190 on 17 April 2009

​17 April 2009
​17 April 2009

​GG 32132


​Amendment of rules relating to purpose code tables in item 202.02A of the Schedule to the Rules

​17 April 2009
​20 February 2009

​GG 31894


​Amendment of the Schedule to the Rules – Insertion in item 200.03 of places of entry where unpolished diamonds may be cleared on import or export from the BLNS countries

1 November 2008
​19 February 2009

​GG 31894


​Amendment of rules relating to the addition of Bulgaria and Romania as member states of the European Union

​1 January 2007
​9 February 2009

​GG 31880


​Amendment of rules relating to excise taxation proposals tabled by the Minister in his Budget Review (s.19, s.19A and s.120)

​9 February 2009

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