Rule Amendments 2010

The amendments to the Customs and Excise Rules are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette. The Notices are arranged according to the publication date and grouped in the different years of issue, which can be accessed on the navigation pane above.

An implementation date that falls on another date than the publication date of the Notice, is written in bold for ease of reference.

​Publication Details ​
DateGG and Notice NumbersDescriptionImplementation Date ​
​24 December 2010
GG 33897
​Amendment of rules relating to wine and other fermented beverages (s.19 and s.120)
1 January 2011
​3 December 2010

​GG 33813


​Amendment of rules relating to excise accounts submitted by licensees of customs and excise warehouses restricted for special or limited purposes (s.19 and s.120)

​3 December 2010
​19 November 2010

​GG 33763


​Amendments of rules relating to environmental levy by the substitution of forms DA 177 and DA 177.01 (s.120)

​19 November 2010
​29 October 2010

​GG 33699


​Amendment of rules relating to excise procedures and purpose code tables inserted in the Schedule to the Rules (s.19A, s.39 and s.120)

​29 October 2010
​29 October 2010

​GG 33679


​Amendment of rules relating to the removal of wine ex warehouse (s.35)

29 October 2010​
​31 August 2010

​GG 33514


​Amendment of rules relating to environmental levy imposed on carbon dioxide emissions of new motor vehicles manufactured in or imported into the Republic in terms of items 151.01 or 151.02 in Section 3 of Part D of Schedule No. 1 (Chapter VA and s.120)

1 September 2010
​30 July 2010

​GG 33423


​Amendment of rules relating to ship / aircraft stores (s.38A)

​30 July 2010
​14 July 2010

​GG 33382


​Amendment of rules relating to approved exporter status in terms of Article 20 of the Protocol (s.49A and s.120)

​14 July 2010
​25 June 2010

​GG 33326


​Amendment of rules relating to the King Shaka Airport building (s.21 and s.120)

​25 June 2010
​30 April 2010

​GG 33140


​Amendment of rules relating to the King Shaka International Airport (s.6 and s.120)

​1 May 2010
​16 April 2010

​GG 33103


​Amendment of rules relating to origin amending paragraph (a) of rule 49A.26.04 (s.49 and s.120)

​16 April 2010
​26 March 2010

​GG 33042


​Amendment of rules relating to due entry of excisable goods received in bond from a customs and excise warehouse

​26 March 2010

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