SARS and you

SARS collects tax and customs duties on behalf of you the South African people. We need to make sure that each and every citizen gives their fair share to the growth of the country. Unfortunately there are some people who are not that fair and we have to make sure that they too do their part.

This website aims to provide you with all the essential information that you need to know about when dealing with SARS. It should be easy to navigate and take you to any of the information you need very quickly.

We’ve developed search engines to:

We’ve developed a Glossary of terms to guide you through any tax language we may use, and we do use quite a bit.

There is a section for every type of tax and a section for Customs and Excise. There’s a very comprehensive Legal and Policy section where we list all the legislation which governs what we collect in taxes, when we collect the taxes and from whom we collect them.

The ease with which SARS collect taxes depends on encouraging taxpayers to obey and abide by tax and customs laws. It is for this reason that SARS does all it can to make taxpayers aware of their obligations, making it easy to do business with SARS and bringing to book those that deliberately break the law.


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