Tax Types Transfer Process

The purpose of the Tax Type Transfer Process is to enable the following:

  • Adding taxpayers to a profile (Organisations & Practitioners)
    • Removing multiple capture fields to simplify process
    • Validate captured information to ensure alignment to SARS records
  • Activating and Requesting Tax Types (All products and return types)
    • Registered Representatives will have access to their clients
    • SARS will provide products on register (masked) – user activates selected products
  • Tax Type Requests to be reviewed by the taxpayer or their appointed Registered Representative
    • Manage Tax Types on
    • Authentication layer with One-Time-Pin (cell and email)
    • Online Power of Attorney (POA) for Tax Type Transfer
    • Requests can be Approved/Rejected for each return type

The owner/registered representative of that tax number must approve the transfer to complete the process.

The Guide on how to register for eFiling and manage your user profile includes the step-by-step process. For more information, see the Guide on how to register for eFiling and manage your user profile.

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