One-Stop-Border-Posts Agreements

A One-Stop-Border-Post is an port of entry environment in which two Governments have decided to co-locate their port of entry operations at a common land border crossing. This ordinarily involves deploying state resources in each other’s territory and applying own legislation there. The purpose of One-Stop-Border-Post agreements between two countries is to provide an enabling legal basis for the two Governments to implement such an approach, the aim of which is to –

  • reduce border crossing times and related logistics costs
  • improve cooperation
  • integrate risk and information management

There are currently no OSBPs in operation, but a status overview is provided below to keep SARS stakeholders updated on developments. It should be noted that the Department of Home Affairs is currently the lead national coordinator on OSBP-related matters.

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Status Overview of all One-Stop-Border-Post Agreements (OSBPs)  27 October 2014

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