Income Tax Notices 2002

The Government Notices on this page have been issued in terms of the Income Tax Act, 1962, and have been arranged in the year they have been published.

The navigation pane above can be used to locate Income Tax Notices published during a specific year.

These Notices have been arranged in the order they were published in the particular years for record purposes and not with the latest publication on top as is the case under the publications for 2013 and 2014.


Publication DateGG and Notice NumbersDescriptionImplementation Date
2 August 2002
​GG 23661
Notice 1018
​Determination of interest rate for purposes of paragraph (a) of the definition of “official rate of interest” in paragraph 1 of the Seventh Schedule
1 September 2002
13 September 2002
​GG 23817
Notice 1161
​Determination of interest rate for purposes of the definition of “prescribed rate” in s.1*

*Description corrected 3 March 2014

1 October 2002


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