Awarded Tenders

Treasury Regulation 16A.6.3(d) prescribes that the award of bids must be published in the Government Tender Bulletin and other media reflecting the way these bids were advertised.

The following information on successful bids is available both below and in the Government Tender Bulletin, and also in the media where the bid was originally advertised:

  1. Contract description and bid numbers;
  2. Names of the successful bidder(s) and preference points claimed;

For bids relating to the construction industry, SARS follow what is prescribed by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). These requirements include;

  1. Bids must be advertised in the CIDB iTender System; and
  2. Bids must be registered on the CIDB Register of Projects (RoP) on award and progressively updated until project completion for the promotion, assessment and evaluation of best practices on construction projects.

The list below reflects the tenders awarded by SARS:

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