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Cancelled Tenders

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8 July 2021Cancellation letter for the procurement of an Application Performance Monitoring solution including maintenance and support services

SARS hereby notifies bidders that the tender process for RFP 16-2020 has been cancelled.
The reasons for the cancellation are as follows:

  • Changes in business requirements
  • Due to budget constraints (The budget for the outer years cannot be confirmed/committed at this stage)

9 June 2020 – Cancellation letter for the Track and Trace tender

SARS has taken a decision to discontinue the tender process of the abovementioned bid as of 04 May 2020. This letter serves as a formal notification that RFP01/2019 is hereby cancelled and the bank guarantee/bid bond will no longer be required.

Please note that the South African Revenue Service has cancelled the following tenders:

  • RFP 16/2020 The procurement of an Application Performance Monitoring solution including maintenance and support services.
  • RFP 28/2019 The Provision of BMC Remedy & BMC Control Software Licences, Maintenance and Support.
  • RFP 44/2020 Appointment of service providers for the provision of SARS offsite storage for documents.
  • RFP 15/2019 Provision of cleaning services at SARS offices nationwide.
  • RFP 21/2019 Supply installation and maintenance of freestanding hot and cold-water dispensers and delivery of packaged water to certain SARS offices nationwide for a period of 36 months
  • RFP 28/2019 The provision of BMC Remedy & BMC Control software licences, maintenance and support services
  • RFP 07/2019 The appointment of SAP IT Resources with technical capabilities to assist SARS on the GRAP Migration Programme
  • RFP 24/2019 Appointment of a service provider for the provision of an electronic job design tool.
  • RFP 01/2019 Provision of a production management and track and trace solution for cigarette products
  • RFP 32/2019 Appointment of a suitably qualified national auctioneering service provider to auction various movable goods at SARS state warehouses
  • RFP 35/2018 Procurement of an integrated IT operations network troubleshooting tool including maintenance and support services
  • RFP 68/2018 Appointment of a service provider for the development and implementation of a Business Continuity Management Programme
  • RFP 65/2018 The provision of maintenance services of SARS ICT Facilities infrastructure for a period of five (5) years
  • RFP 008/2019 Appointment of an IT resource from RFP 14/2017: For Transactional Payment Notifications System
  • RFP 59/2018 Provision of a bespoke software development, maintenance and support services to SARS
  • RFP 62/2018 Appointment of a service provider for one on one executive coaching services
  • RFP 64/2018 Turnkey solution for SARS contact centre in Bellville, Western Cape
  • RFP 50/2018 Provision of business facilitation services for SARS Leadership
  • RFP 23/2018 Supply, Installation and maintenance of free standing hot and cold water dispensers and delivery of Bottled water to certain SARS offices, nationwide for a period of 36 months
  • RFP 30/2018 Turn Key solution for SARS Contact Centre in Bellville, Western Cape
  • RFP 10/2017 Provision of Consultancy Services for the Implementation of Procurement Strategic Initiatives
  • RFP 30/2017 Appointment of a transactional advisor to facilitate the development of the track and trace solution for excisable goods for the South African Revenue Service
  • RFP 25/2018 Appointment of a qualified service provider (Grade 4SN or higher) for the refurbishment and waterproofing of roofs at Lehae la SARS
  • RFP 32/2017 Appointment of a suitably qualified 3 ME or higher (CIDB Grade) mechanical contractor to upgrade HVAC system at Alberton contact centre for South African Revenue service (SARS)
  • RFP04/2017 Review GRAP Accounting Policies and Procedures and Provide SAP Implementation assistance for Reporting
  • RFP 13/2017 Appointment of a service provider for customisation and implementation of an accredited (NQF level 6) programme for debt management
  • RFP 07/2017 Provision of employee recognition & awards and related services
  • RFP 18/2016 Provision of an Open  Global Executive  Development Programme
  • RFP 22/2016 Customisation and Implementation of Advanced Economics Programme and Executive Development Economics Programme
  • RFP 05/2016 Supply and installation of permanent generators for SARS offices
  • RFP 12/2016 Provision of parking bays in CBD, Pretoria
  • RFP 23/2015 Provision of office space in Queenstown or Lephalale or Springbok
  • RFP 39/2015 Turnkey proposals for the provision of office space in Vereeniging
  • RFP 13/2015 Construction of cantilever canopies, a ramp, gen-set and installation of electricity at Mthatha branch 
  • RFP 35/2015 Appointment of suitably qualified 3GB or higher contractor for waterproofing of the Customs House in Durban
  • RFP 03/2015 Procurement, maintenance and support services for bulk document scanning equipment
  • RFP 28/2014 Development of Analytics Capability for PAYE and VAT
  • RFP 19/2014 Electrical Works At Central Government Building – Bloemfontein
  • RFP 12/2014 Provision of office space and turnkey fit-out – Uitenhage
  • RFP 11/2014 Provision of office space and turnkey fit-out – Randfontein
  • RFP 34/2013 Sourcing of alternative warehouse space and the turnkey fit-out of the space for SARS in Tshwane
  • RFP 32/2013 Provision of Office Space and Turnkey Fit-out for SARS George Office
  • RFP 17/2013 Embedded SARS Values
  • RFP 15/2013 HVAC – Request for the invitation of tenders Installation of Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning systems – Albany House
  • RFP 09/2013 Provision of appointment of a Panel of service providers to provide Shop fitting
  • RFP 08/2013 New Taxpayers service centres – 3. Mitchells Plain
  • RFP 07/2013 New Taxpayers service centres Newcastle
  • RFP 04/2013 New Taxpayers service centres – 1. Soweto
  • RFP 08/2012 Panel of Service Providers to supply, deliver and install and maintain office furniture and other office related environment items to SARS offices, counrywide
  • RFP 12/2012 Provision of Lean Sigma Training
  • RFP 21/2012 Electrical Upgrade Work at SARS Upington Ancorley Building  

For further details please contact:

Tender Office

Email: [email protected]

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