SARS has developed free software linked to eFiling called e@syFile™.

e@syFile™ was designed to help taxpayers working with SARS to quickly, easily and conveniently manage their tax affairs.

Top Tip: Current information must always be backed-up on your computer prior to installing the latest version, as the installation may delete your current information. Any beta test version downloaded must be uninstalled prior to installing the latest version of e@syFile™.

The latest version of e@syFile™ must always be used as any information submitted to SARS using a previous version won’t be accepted. You will automatically be prompted to update when accessing e@syFile™ or visit eFiling to download the latest version.

Currently there are two software applications available:




e@syFile™ Employer allows employers to :
  • Complete, submit and revise (if necessary) the Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201)
  • Complete and submit the reconciliation submission 
    • The importing of tax certificates and the capturing the Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) can be done offline. You only go online when you are ready to submit to SARS.
  • Manage the Employer Account
  • Manage Third Party Appointments (AA88s)
  • Register employees using the Income Tax Registration (ITREG) function.
Top Tip: The latest Release Notes tells you about the changes which have been made in the software.

What’s new in e@syFile™ Employer?

  • Version 6.5.2 is now available for downloading.

  • For more infomration on the ETI field queries on e@syFile™ Employer V6.5.1 , read more here.

  • Changes have been made in preparation for the 2014 Employer Annual Reconciliation, click here for more information.

  • The allocation of Third Party Appointment (AA88) payments has been enhanced, click here for more information.

  • Experiencing problems due to duplicate or incomplete EMP501 submissions made on e@syFile™ Employer, read more here.


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 Top FAQs

I receive an error message “Failed to connect to the update service”, how do I download the latest version of e@syFile™ Employer?
Where you receive the “Failed to connect to the update service” error message, you will be required to download and install (re-install) the latest version (6.5.0) of e@syFile™ Employer.

t an error message, concerning Adobe Air, when trying to update to version 6.5.0 of e@syFile™ Employer, how do I fix this?
When updating to the latest version of e@syFile™ Employer (version 6.5.0), make sure you are using a recent version of Adobe AIR.

I get the error message I have the wrong version of Java Runtime Environment when trying to update e@syFile™ Employer, how do I fix this?
The error could be caused due to the incorrect version of JAVA being used, or restrictions – e.g. anti-virus software, network restrictions etc. – that blocks JAVA.