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SARS’s Customs division plays an integral role in facilitating the movement of goods and people entering or exiting the borders of the Republic.

The Excise division facilitates the levying of duties on certain locally manufactured goods as well as on their imported equivalents.

What's New:

SARS will be changing the IP addresses for AS2 and AS3 communication in live and test environments. The date for this has now been confirmed as 30 November 2018 - DATE CHANGE: Now 1 December 2018 from 18:00. The switchover is expected to take place from 22:00 and will last for approximately three hours. Client firewalls will need to allow the new IP’s for inbound and outbound traffic. Firewall rules can be added prior to the change. For AS2 Live response messages from SARS there are two IP’s and both need to be allowed as the load is split over two nodes.

The public DNS hostname for the SARS EDI Gateway connection will remain “EDIB2B.SARS.GOV.ZA”

Please check if you use IP address or DNS hostnames in your software. If you cannot use public hostnames, you will need your technical support to change the IP address on the specific changeover date and time. Please also take note that there will be no change to the current ports used. It is also highly recommended that you have your Network / Firewall support available on the evening of the changeover should any issues be encountered. Please note that no testing will be possible ahead of the changeover as the change is as a result of changing service provider.

For any support leading up to or during the changeover, you can email cwilbers@sars.gov.za

In the event the goods or parcels have been stopped or detained, SAPO informs the sender or recipient of the outcome of inspection as well as the conditions or terms that must be met. 

For more information, see the International Mail External Policy.

For further SAPO queries which also include International parcel tracking queries, you can contact them on:

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