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SARS is the legislatively empowered controlling entity for statistics on the importation and exportation of goods. Exercising this control entails record-keeping, verification, publication and analysis of trade data.

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 AUGUST 2018 overview

Slice 2.png EXPORTS
Slice 3.png IMPORTS
​R  116,883,285,849 R  108,088,611,992
Trade surplus:   R  8,794,673,857
Top 5 countries we exported to: Top 5 countries we imported from:​
  1. China (9.0)
  2. Germany (7.9)
  3. United States (5.8)
  4. United Kingdom (5.3)
  5. India (5.0)
  1. China (19.0)
  2. Germany (11.7)
  3. United States (6.3)
  4. India (4.7)
  5. United Kingdom (3.7)

Release Calendar 2018

Trade statistics will be published on the last business day of every month, for the previous month, at 14:00 South African local time (GMT+2). 

  Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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