Customs is responsible for protecting South African borders so that authorised travellers and legitimate goods can pass freely. We do this by using world-class risk management technology and customs checks carried out by our officers at sea, land and airports.
If you are planning to travel into or out of South Africa, there are rules about what goods you can bring with you.
There are heavy penalties for smuggling, so:
  • never carry anything into South Africa for someone else;
  • never bring prohibited goods into South Africa. These are;
    • Narcotic, psychotropic substances and habit-forming drugs in any form and any paraphernalia relating to the aforementioned
    • Fully automatic, military and unnumbered weapons, explosives and fireworks and weapons of mass destruction
    • Poison and other toxic substances
    • Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2 kilogram per 1 000
      Goods to which a trade description or trademark is applied in contravention of any Act (for example, counterfeit goods)
    • Unlawful reproductions of any works subject to copyright
    • Prison-made and penitentiary-made goods
  • if you are driving, make sure that everyone travelling with you knows which goods are prohibited or restricted -
  • if you smuggle goods into South Africa in a car, our officers may seize the car;
  • if you are in doubt, speak to an officer in the red channel
  • If you would like to report a suspicious activity click here

Tax and emigration

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