SARS eFiling is now accessible to blind and visually impaired taxpayers

The SARS eFiling MobiSite is available to taxpayers to complete and submit their Income Tax Returns (ITR12).

Blind taxpayers who rely on screen-reading software are able to navigate the mobisite on their mobile devices, PC or laptop. Visually impaired taxpayers will also benefit by using the SARS eFiling MobiSite since it offers improved contrast and is able to adapt to the user’s choice of screen colour (for example, high contrast black which displays white text on a black background).

This means that blind and visually impaired taxpayers are able to complete and submit their Income Tax Returns (ITR12) while previously this may have been challenging without sighted assistance.

This year, the SARS eFiling Mobisite allows taxpayers to complete their 2017 Income Tax Return. Previous years of assessments are not available via the mobisite.

Simply visit from the mobile device, PC or laptop that has the screen-reader software installed to start eFiling.


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