Taxpayers that have to upload supporting documents (relevant material) using eFiling should make sure the documents meet the following standards:
  • The file type may be .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg and .gif to enable SARS to view the documents

  • The maximum allowable size per document may not be more than 2MB and a maximum of 20 documents may be uploaded.

    • Top Tip: You can upload documents separately but don’t submit until you have uploaded all documents. The system will lock after submitting incomplete documents then you will have to contact SARS on 0800 00 7277 or visit a SARS branch to issue another request for additional supporting documents. In other words, you can upload up to 20 files per session on eFiling, but you can upload today without submitting and upload again tomorrow and then only submit. However, once you click the submit button, a new link can only be opened by contacting SARS on 0800 00 7277 or visit a SARS branch to issue another request for additional supporting documents or in the case of an audit, the auditors or verifiers if they need more supporting documents. 
  • Make sure that the image setting on your scanner is set to a 300dpi or less so that the scanning quality is optimal. Your scanner must also be set to black and white and not colour.
For tips on setting up your scanner, changing the colour to black & white and changing the resolution to 300 DPI, click here.
  • Upload failure may be caused in the following instances:

    • Document with a file name containing special characters such as * # @! & > and others

    • Documents with the same name in cases where more than one document is uploaded.
      • Please note that if you get a 'timed out' error, you may need to re-upload the document under a different name, read more.

    • Password protected and encrypted documents from Banks and Funds.
      • These PDF documents may not prompt for a password to open up, however they still have a password built into them and you will have to scan it and re-upload it, read more

    • Spreadsheets with multiple sheets; information should only be on one sheet.

    • Blank or empty documents.

Top Tip: Need help on how to upload supporting documents (relevant material)?

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 Top FAQs

How do I upload supporting documents (relevant material) on eFiling?
To upload supporting documents (relevant material), follow these steps: Logon to eFiling Select: Returns Returns History The applicable type of tax (e.g. ITR12, Employees Tax, etc.) - a list of all returns/declarations sent will be shown

When uploading supporting documents to eFiling, I get an error message 'the document can not be converted'?
Please note this ‘conversion’ error happens only on IT3b or RAF documents. These are PDF documents issued by a bank or a fund. These documents are password protected, but it’s not visible to the user.

When uploading supporting documents to eFiling I get a 'timed out' error. When I try again I get an error message, 'Upload failed: a file with the same name has already been uploaded'?
Please note, even if the document was not uploaded due to 'timed out' error the file name might have been recorded. You need to change the file name and upload the document again.