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Where can I view the new application forms to be used once the RCG implementation goes live on 20 April 2018?


The draft application forms have been published for comment by 13 March 2018 on the SARS: Legal Counsel Webpage (Draft Documents for Public Comment).Click here.

The final version of these forms will be published prior to the RCG implementation with an effective date of 20 April 2018.

If you are registering for the first time on or after the effective date then the new forms must be used. Use of the old MPR forms after this date, or of the new RCG forms before this date, will result in your application being rejected.
A Port Authority (the authority in charge of a port or a customs and excise airport) will only be able to register on the new forms – (forms DA8 and DA8.02 or DA 8A and DA8A and DA8.02, as applicable for the sea and air modalities respectively).


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