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What's New
Trade Statistics for October 2014
SARS today releases the trade statistics for October 2014 that recorded a trade deficit of R21.33 billion.read more
Merging all types of taxes
From 1 November 2014, a new merging function is available on eFiling, read more
I need my tax number
Forgotten your tax number? You can request it from SARS in various waysread more
Intermittent Web Apps
Due to routine maintenance, certain website apps may be unavailable from 2pm on Sat to 2am on Sun morning. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Payment Advice Notice (PAN)
When paying at the bank, no other printed communication will be accepted by the banks; only a Payment Advice Notice read more
Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Refund Process
The refund process is expected to be introduced in the last quarter of 2014, see the latest important facts about ETI refunds, read more
Transferring taxpayers on eFiling
Important changes have been made when transferring a taxpayer on eFiling. For more information,read more
Single Registration
The way you register for tax & customs and update your existing details has changed from 12 May 2014, read more

 Important Dates

01-12-2014 - World Aids Day

05-12-2014 - Submission and Payment of EMP201

10-12-2014 - End of 16 Days of Activism against abuse

24-12-2014 - Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Manual ....

31-12-2014 - Submission and Payment of VAT201 – Registe....

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 Fighting Tax Crime

There is a steady increase in email scams and phishing attacks in which the SARS brand is being abused.
Tax Crime & Corruption