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What's New
Single registration
Allows taxpayers to register, maintain and view associated tax and customs registrations in a consolidated tax profile, read more
Issues with PDF's?
See our browser compatibility guidelines when you experience any issues with opening PDF's in eFiling, read more
Automated PAYE Disputes
The new automated system will enable employers to lodge disputes via eFiling and electronically at any SARS branch, read more
Omission of code 4582
Taxpayers who received IRP5/IT3(a) tax certificates from their employers reflecting codes 3701, 3702, 3802 and/or 3816), may be affected, read more
Review of your tax return
If you’ve received a SMS or email from SARS to go to your nearest SARS branch, you will need to take the required documents with you, read more
Retirement Fund on ITR12
If you experience any issues when completing your Retirement Annuity Fund contributions on the ITR12, see our tips, read more
Special Voluntary Disclosure
Disclose offshore assets and income with SARS before 31 August 2017 to avoid penalties or criminal prosecution, read more
Medical Deductions on ITR12
If you experience any issues when completing your Medical Deductions on your Income Tax Return (ITR12), see our tips, read more
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 Important Dates

25-08-2017 - VAT manual submissions and payments

30-08-2017 - Excise Duty payments

31-08-2017 - VAT electronic submissions and payments

31-08-2017 - PIT Provisional Tax Payments

31-08-2017 - CIT Provisional Tax Payments

31-08-2017 - Trade Statistics

07-09-2017 - PAYE submissions and payments

22-09-2017 - VAT manual submissions and payments

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Scam Alert
There is a steady increase in email scams and phishing attacks in which the SARS brand is being abused.
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