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  • 10 July 2024 – Customs: Delivery and collection of bonds

    As a result of the modernisation of systems and process, the delivery and collection of bonds changed from Alberton to the SARS Head Office in Pretoria with immediate effect.

    The address for the delivery and collection of bonds is:

Revenue Accounting
Block D Ground Floor
Lehae La SARS
299 Bronkhorst Street

Arrangements for delivery/collection of bonds must be made via the following email address: [email protected].

No more queues, just seamless online query efficiency! 

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What is RLA?

Registration, Licensing and Accreditation (RLA), which is part of the New Customs Acts Programme (NCAP), is the new electronic platform for the management of registration/licensing applications. The new electronic registration/licensing process is being implemented under the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act, no 64 of 1964. This will allow for easier transition into the Customs Control and Duty Acts of 2014.

Need help with Registration and Licensing applications?

The DA 185 – Application form – Registration and licensing of Customs and Excise Clients – External Form, the relevant annexes and the supporting documents listed in the application form must be submitted to the nearest Customs office for processing. For more information on the required supporting documents, see Legal Entity – External Standard. The applicant or the applicant’s representative (Public Officer) as per the application form must also provide his / her ID book, proof of address and contact details to the Branch Front End agent. 

  • For enquiries, please send an email to the email address given below, however, do not send applications (DA185) to the email addresses below as they do not capture applications.

  • For enquiries and submissions:

    • If clients are experiencing technical issues to access RLA on eFiling or submitting an application, please call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277.

    • Take note that as from 1 April 2022 the Customs Branch offices are no longer accepting DA185 applications via email.

    • Alternatively, clients can submit applications for a Customs client number in person at the following Customs Branch offices:

      • Alberton: SARS Alberton Campus

      • Cape Town: 22 Hans Strijdom Avenue, Central, Cape Town

      • Durban: Albany House, 61-62 Margaret Mncadi Avenue, Corner of Albany Grove & Margaret Mncadi Avenue, Durban

      • ORTIA: 1st Floor Agents Building, Cargo Section, OR Tambo International Airport

      • Port Elizabeth: SARS Customs Branch, 3 Winston Ntshona Street, Sanlam building, Port Elizabeth.

      • Pretoria: 136 Francis Baard Street, Customs House, Pretoria

  • For assistance on accessing Registration, Licensing and Accreditation on eFiling view our tutorial video on YouTube.

Which supporting documents are required to be uploaded to RLA?

The following documents as proof of address or contact details are required:

  • A municipal account, fixed line telephone or cellular phone account or any other monthly account or statement (for example, if appropriate in the circumstances, a co-operative statement for farmers, medical aid statement, mortgage statement, SABC television licence documents, eToll account, major retail accounts) issued to the applicant that can confirm physical address of the applicant, if the applicant is located in the Republic.
  • A telephone or cellular phone account issued to the applicant to confirm the applicant’s telephone or cellular phone contact details.
  • If the above documents are not in the name of the applicant a commissioned affidavit is required to support the supplied documents.

Pro forma agreements

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