About Edgar


Why I joined SARS?

I am an individual who is very passionate about taxation. I studied a Bcom accounting honours (specialisation in taxation), and I am of the opinion that SARS grants a better opportunity than any other organisation to practically apply the tax principles one acquired during their studies. Who better to learn tax from than the revenue service itself?  It is with this reason why I decided to join SARS. Of course the organisation’s values and career growth  opportunity also played a pivotal role in my decision to join the organisation.

What SARS has done for me in my career so far?

I am still in the early stages of my career but what SARS has done for me so far is giving me an opportunity to learn from individuals who specialise in different fields and to develop as an individual. I am currently based in the Debt Management Division of SARS as a graduate trainee and this has opened a whole new world for me with regards to the world of taxation. Every single day is a learning experience for me and I am enjoying every single moment of it. It is challenging but exciting, and requires one to work hard and be dedicated to their work.

Would I recommend SARS?

I would recommend SARS without any reservation. If you are a hardworking individual with an interest in any field, being tax audit, internal audit, debt management, IT and so on, SARS should be top of the list when seeking employment.  The working environment is welcoming with individuals who are always willing to assist you, especially at a graduate level. Continuous development is also encouraged with bursaries given to employees who want to further their studies. So if you’re an individual who is seeking an exciting challenge, in a welcoming environment, and who is also looking for career growth, SARS is the organisation to join.

How is the culture and has it been easy to adjust to the working environment?

In the division that I’m in employee integration is encouraged, from senior manager to a graduate. The culture, therefore, is of unity. Working together towards a common purpose. The working environment is very welcoming and that made the adjustment from a student life to a working life very easy. Everyone is always willing to assist, and they go an extra mile to make sure we are comfortable in the working place.




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