DRAWBACK registration

How to register as a Manufacturer in terms of drawback?

Any person who uses imported goods in the manufacturing, processing, finishing, equipment or packing of any goods for export may claim a refund of the Customs duties paid at time of importation provided the person is registered in terms of Schedule 5.

The applicant must provide details of:
  • The type of imported material that will be used in the manufacturing of other goods or articles;
  • he type of goods or articles that will be manufactured from such imported material; and he type of goods or articles that will be manufactured from such imported material; and
  • The method that will be used to prove his / her drawback claim (see the notes to Schedule 5 Part 1).
The documentation-required submission of drawback claim and the qualifying criteria for claiming a drawback is explained in the refunds and drawbacks external policy.

Drawback items 501.00 to 521.00

  • Complete the required application form and relevant annexure(s).
  • Submit all supporting documents as prescribed on the application forms.

Which forms are required for the Manufacturer in terms of drawback registration?

Where can one obtain drawback registration forms?

Application forms are available above.

Where to submit the forms?

Application forms must be submitted to the nearest Customs office.

Top tip: Certain drawback items might require registration as prescribed in Schedule 5. For further details on registration, you can refer to the Registration, Licensing and Designation External Policy.

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