All carriers (foreign or local) who convey or transport bonded cargo to, from or through South Africa by road must be licensed with SARS Customs as a licensed remover of goods in bond.

All foreign-based road carriers who convey goods must work through a South African‐based registered agent in order to conduct business in South Africa.

Which application forms and annexures must be completed and submitted to licence a Remover of Goods in bond (including foreign entities)?

Can I remove goods in bond through a non-designated port?

No, goods may only be allowed to be removed in bond (RIBs) or in transit (RITs) through designated land border ports of entry or exit.

When will a licensed remover of goods in bond’s liability for duty and taxes ceases?

The goods had been duly entered under the following Customs procedures:

  • Home use;
  • Customs warehousing;
  • Export, only when proof can be provided that the goods had been duly exported from South Africa; or
  • Temporary admission for inward processing or temporary admission subject to re-exportation in the same state.

Where are the forms available?

Application forms are available on this website or from any Customs office.

Where to submit the forms?

Application forms must be submitted to the nearest Customs Office.
Top tip: For more information, you can refer to the External Standard - Licensing, Registration and Designation
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