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SARS is the legislatively empowered controlling entity for statistics on the importation and exportation of goods. Exercising this control entails record-keeping, verification, publication and analysis of trade data.

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 june 2019 overview

Slice 2.png EXPORTS
Slice 3.png IMPORTS
​R  108,173,850,578 R  103,754,352,076
Trade Balance:   R   4,419,498,502
Top 5 countries we exported to: Top 5 countries we imported from:​
  1. China 11.3%
  2. Germany 7.0%
  3. United States 6.6%
  4. United Kingdom 5.2%
  5. India 4.8%
  1. China 17.0%
  2. Germany 10.4%
  3. United States 6.0%
  4. Nigeria 5.9%
  5. Saudi Arabia 5.3%

Release Calendar 2019

Trade statistics will be published on the last business day of every month, for the previous month, at 14:00 South African local time (GMT+2). 

  Friday, 30 August 2019         

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