authorising credit push payments

Standard Bank Business Online Banking (nBOL - enhanced platform)

Important notice to Standard Bank Business & Corporate Account Clients: For Clients who have not been migrated to the enhanced platform, please continue to select the Standard Bank Business Online option and not Standard Bank Business Online (nBOL). Personal Banking account clients are not impacted.

Top Tip: Payments must be authorised before 18:00 on any given business day, to ensure the payment is reflected by the intended payment day.

Log into Standard Bank Business Online Banking (nBOL):

nbol 1.jpg

 Click the SARS bills awaiting customer payment link to get access to the SARS payments:

nbol 2.jpg


All bills requiring authorisation via the credit push payment option from SARS will be visible. Click the bill to be paid:


Details of the bill will be displayed.

Here you have the option to either Pay or Decline the Bill. A reason for the decline should be indicated where the decline option is selected.

Click the Pay to pay for the selected bill:


Here you have the option to choose from which Account the payment should be debited from.

The only fields that can be edited are the Debit Account and the Action Date. Reference and amount are locked.
Click Submit to proceed. 

The payment will be sent for authorisation as per normal payment workflow:


Top Tip: Follow the normal workflow as to who would be allowed to authorise for final processing.

For more information or further assistance please contact:

Standard Bank Business Online (nBOL)
Corporate and Business Banking


Call centre contact numbers 0860 123 007
Disclaimer: The information published concerning the banks' products has been provided by the relevant banks and SARS has been granted permission to make this information available on our website.

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