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Do you need to make an electronic payment?​​

  • Log in into your eFiling profile
  • Upon landing, click on ‘payments’ on the left side menu
  • You can click on “payment guide’ for step by step assistance
  • Video available on the SARS YouTube channel.

Do you need to apply for a Tax Clearance?​

  • Log in into your eFiling profile
  • Upon landing, click on ‘Tax Status’ on the top menu
  • Click on ‘Tax Compliance Status’
  • Click on Activation if you are applying for the first time
  • Otherwise click on ‘Tax Compliance Status Request’ to apply.

Forgot Username and Password?​

  • ​Visit
  • Click on Forgot Username or Forgot Password.
  • If you have forgotten password, you will be requested for your Username.
  • An OTP will be sent to your preferred method of communication.
  • After inserting the OTP you can now change your password.
  • If you have forgotten username, you will requested for your ID number and contact details.
  • Once verified, an OTP will be sent to you.
  • Your username will now be given to you on the following screen.
  • Video available on SARS YouTube channel.


Want to make a deferred payment arrangement?​

  • ​Any deferred arrangements requests may be sent to the following email addresses:

Please include your Tax Number, Reason for deferment and a proposed instalment plan on the email.

Do you need to register as a taxpayer

  • ​Visit
  • Click on register, complete your details and you will be registered automatically and issued with an income tax reference number on your eFiling profile.
  • You will need the following details handy:
    • Name and Surname
    • Identification documentation (ID) number
    • Address details 


Do you need proof of your Income Tax   Registration Number?

  • ​Log in into your eFiling profile
  • Upon landing, click on ‘home’ on the top menu.
  • Click on ‘SARS Registered Details’
  • Click on Notice of Registration (IT150)

Notifications from SARS to see the progress of your audit case
  • ​SARS will now send you, step-by-step progress notification of your Personal Income Tax (PIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Company Income Tax (CIT) and Trust Compliance Audit cases. These can be viewed via eFiling or the SARS MobiApp (PIT Only).
  • You are now able to view at which stage your case is e.g. Supporting Documents received, case allocated to Auditor, Audit finalised etc.
  • Additionally, SARS will issue real time automated SMS and email notification updates, as your case moves from one step to the next.  
  • SARS encourages Individual Taxpayers, Tax Practitioners, Registered Traders and Vendors to use our digital channels for improved communication and efficient service delivery. This will also avoid you having to hold the line for our Contact Centre or visit a SARS branch.


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