You can request a Tax Compliance Status (TCS) for a specific purpose (e.g. Tender) online via eFiling.

 How to request your Tax Compliance Status via eFiling

 Once you have viewed your “My Compliance Profile”, you may request a Tax Compliance Status by:

  • Selecting the Tax Compliance Status Request option and the type of TCS for which you would like to apply. You will have the following options:
    • Good standing
    • Tender
    • FIA (Foreign Investment Allowance) (individuals only)
    • Emigration (individuals only)
  • Complete the Tax Compliance Status Request and submit it to SARS.

Top Tip: See FIA and Emigration applications for more information on the supporting documents required.

Taxpayers who already emigrated and who want to transfer 'Emigrant's Remaining Assets' (formerly known as Blocked Funds) after 01 March 2021, need to request a TCS for FIA via eFiling. When applying for the TCS in respect of FIA, these transfers must be treated as any other foreign capital transfer and the taxpayer needs to select the applicable 'Source of capital to be invested'. The option for ‘Emigrant’s Remaining Assets' is no longer available for selection on eFiling. ​

Once your request is approved by SARS, you will be issued with an overall tax compliance status and a PIN. You can request that the PIN be sent to you via SMS and you can view it on your “Tax Compliance Status Request” dashboard on your eFiling profile. The PIN can also be printed in the form of the TCS result letter.

Top Tip: A unique PIN will be issued for each request that you make.

The Tax Compliance Status PIN

The PIN provides you with a way to authorise any third party to view your tax compliance status online via eFiling.
Once you have provided the PIN to a third party, the PIN will enable the relevant organisation or government department to view your current tax compliance status online. It will present them with your overall compliance status as at the date and time they check it instead of your status as it was at the date that the PIN was issued to you. To protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information, no other information will be accessible.

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Need help?

For more details please refer to “Guide to the Tax Compliance Status Functionality on eFiling”.

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