SARS to proceed with Symington disciplinary hearing

Pretoria, Friday 22 September 2017 – SARS notes and welcomes the Pretoria High Court judgement that has dismissed the case with legal costs on the matter of principal specialist in legal counsel, Vlok Symington.
Mr Symington had applied for a declaratory order and an urgent interdict against a pending disciplinary action.
SARS is of the view that the judgement vindicates the organization’s long held view that the investigation and disciplinary action against Mr Symington was lawful and fair.
Thus SARS will continue with disciplinary action against Mr Symington.
SARS wishes to reiterate that Commissioner Tom Moyane did not lay charges against former Finance Minister Mr Pravin Gordhan and thus victimized Mr Symington for being a political whistle-blower.
This was a blatant misrepresentation of facts and unsubstantiated rumours that perpetuate a negative narrative that blemishes the integrity of SARS.
Please take note that disciplinary procedures against employees are confidential and deemed an internal matter.
SARS is therefore not in a position to comment in detail on the matter.
It is a matter of public record that the alleged ‘hostage incident’ was reported widely and prominently in the media to perpetuate a narrative of Mr Symington’s political victimization.
SARS wishes to appeal to the media to uphold the highest standards of factual, fair and accurate reportage.
Furthermore, SARS is deeply concerned about apparent bias, irresponsible and mischievous attitude to cast aspersions on the character of the organization to perpetuate a negative narrative of an organization that does not uphold the rule of law with proper governance processes.
With this in mind, SARS wishes to assert that the organization remains resolute, focused and single-minded about meeting our revenue collection target for South Africa and wishes the more than 14 500 men and women who are the backbone of the organization for their resilience.